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Casinos and Criminal Activities

Historically, casinos have always been associated with crime.

At the turn of the century, casinos were looked upon as places for unsavory personalities. Sometimes these characters were the operators; at other times, they were the gamblers themselves.

Gamblers, too, become victims of criminals.

Although casinos in the main have been regulated, there is still some dishonesty associated with gambling outside the operation of the casino.

Many criminals try to launder money inside a casino; that is, they try to use illegitimate money inside casinos to make it become legal.

To combat this activity, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has mandated that any individual who wins more than $10,000 must complete a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) form.

This form is then reported to the IRS to record legal gambling earnings.

Inevitably, there is an increase in the number of persons in an area wherever three is a casino. Casinos have been shown to be a catalyst for a variety of crimes. Some of the crimes associated with casinos include street crimes, prostitution, drugs, and embezzlement.

Occasionally, casino patrons are drugged, robbed, or pickpocketed.

Although this topic is not really discussed in public, there is a high incidence of prostitution in casino locations.

Many prostitutes are attracted to places with casinos. Gambling is also a perfect environment for prostitution. Sometimes, when a person wins money, they want a companion to share it with. Conversely, when someone loses money, they wish someone to comfort them, and make them forget about it.

Prostitutes fit the bill in both occasions. In Nevada, prostitution is legal. In contrast, it is illegal, and not tolerated in New Jersey.

Some casinos also provide prostitutes for their high rollers. It seems that prostitutes are a factor that must be calculated into any casino environment.

The casino industry, especially in Atlantic City, is very concerned about drug and alcohol abuse.

During the past decade, serious efforts have been exerted to rid the industry of employees who use illegal drugs, or alcohol abuse. Many companies subscribe to a 'drug-free environment' which includes a pre-employment drug testing program.

Afterwards, employers can send employees for random drug tests during their tenure with the company. Employers can also provide drug rehabilitation programs for employees who voluntarily seek help.

Loan sharking is another social phenomenon which is common in the casino industry.

This activity is a concern to the image of the casino industry for several reasons--- first, it is illegal; second, patrons who participate in loan sharking may be forced to participate in illegal activities to repay their debts.

These illegal activities may include forgery, fraud, and extortion.